Carbon cleaning

Do you
want to…

  • Restore your vehicle’s power and performance?
  • Lower your emissions?
  • Boost your fuel efficiency?
  • Avoid costly engine repairs?

Arrange your carbon clean today

What is
a carbon clean?

A carbon clean involves using innovative hydrogen technology to remove built-up carbon from your engine.

Why clean
your engine?

We recommend a carbon clean once a year, and for good reason.

We’re sure you already know how important it is that your vehicles’ engines work to their full potential.

Even if you own just one vehicle, repairs or replacement can be costly. For a whole fleet, the expense can prove catastrophic to your business and your bottom line.

Not only does carbon cleaning reduce this risk – book one and you’ll also enjoy:

  • Restored power
  • Smoother performance
  • A quieter engine
  • Improved efficiency, such as higher MPG or L/KM and lower fuel bills
  • Reduced emissions, which can help you achieve test levels

Why choose
Master Tech?

Trust us to service your DPF, and you’ll benefit from:

Innovative equipment
With our pioneering carbon-cleaning equipment, we’re able to perform non-invasive procedures that harmlessly remove carbon and keep your engines running.
Our machines can effectively clean carbon in the engines of light commercial vehicles and cars.
And, of course, they’re operated by our expert team.

Speed and safety
We want you to spend less time in the garage and more on the road.
We work thoroughly, safely and economically, but also quickly – reducing your downtime for maximum efficiency.

Unmatched value
We’re passionate about delivering exceptional value. That’s why we offer the best price possible.

We can add DPF cleaning to any of our service options, too.

Pricing starting from £99 + VAT

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